ebay crush

I want these! There's something really adorable about them. Anyway i'm sulking because they are on eBay at £12.35 and are located in Indianapolis, US! So postage costs will shoot sky high... :(


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I love these! They would make a kitchen look very happy.:)
I understand that shipping can make a bargain not so much of a bargain. I could sell alot of things overseas if it were not for the shipping prices.
Thanks for following me. I appreciate it.

Patchwork Harmony said...

so cute! I seem to have a bit of a poultry obsession at the mo! tee hee! x

Dave Emery said...

Those are excellent! I find that the postage from the US is often more than the cost of the item... but sometimes it is so worth it! x