cute corners

I love these little corners, full of great design and personality...
back garage


emmas design blogg


flickr - kimhas6cats



Wiz said...

Just adorable! How cute is that little chair in the second pic?!! And the owl cushion. Yum!

jacklyn said...

awww...these are cute little corners! i feel like i need to go home and make all of my corners cute. i do have a chair obsession that could help with this! love that light up "e"!


The Cottage Cheese said...

Aw, I really want my own cute corner! I'd love to have an Eames lounge chair and mini-library, with gentle reading light from a 60's vintage floor lamp, and maybe some sort of little vintage collection displayed. Maybe it's not a good thing that I'm going to a fantastic-looking estate sale tomorrow full of danish modern!

Hanna and Daniel said...

We have a "problem" corner in our bedroom. It feels like it need a lot of feng shui. Just don't know what to do it...

drollgirl said...

nice finds, indeed!!!