birthday bubble

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear inspiration bubble,
happy birthday to yooouuuuu....


Dear inspiration bubble,

Happy blogday!! Here's to an amazing first year and a big thank you for always being there for me. You are my baby, my friend and i've learnt soooo much from you. Hope you get lots of fab presents today :)
I love thee pretty bubble
Love biba xxxx


griffo68 said...

((((( HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! )))))

Congratulations on the first year of a truly inspirational bubbilicious corner of the Interboogle!!!

Carry on the fantastic work.....I need your great taste and my daily fix!!

Oodles and doodles of love to you Miss Biba!

Love and gorgeous chairs from Mr G.xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blog Day Miss B

If I was seeing you today I could've bought cake and balloons...damn you work you've spoilt all the fun.

Maybe break open the emergency chocolate?


Hanna and Daniel said...

Hooray! Congrats and stay sharp! We're addicted to you!

Wiz said...

Happy B-Day IB!!!!

What did we do for our daily fix before you???

Lots of love xxx

Sasha said...

Congratulations!!! Happy happy Birthday!! for a year full of inspiration!!!
Cheers! & for another great year!

Melafrique said...

HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY. You have inspired so many in the past year.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Hooray, Happy Blogday! Biba my dear, your blog is always so beautiful. I read it every day and it inspires me constantly. Hmmmm.... I wish I had some cake in the house....

Lisa said...

Happy 1st Birthday lovely!!!

Sorry I have been away but having a good time catching up on your fab blog!

Looking forward to another year of inspiration bubble!

lili xxx

Pattie said...

AWWW HaPpY bIrThDay!!!!

Even though I just joined your blog I happy that you made it to one year :D
Hope to follow in your footsteps one day!!!
Have fun!

MoonDoggie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Patchwork Harmony said...

oh wow! congrats! I hope I am still going after a year too!
lots of birthday wishes! xxx

Biba said...

Thank you guys! Best blog birthday ever ;)

Jesse said...

Happy Blog Day!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first year! Yea!!! :)