rock your socks off



Eames RAR rocker, cute little girl. They go so well together it almost feels like every little girl should have one.... including my little sophie...

I'm sure if i showed her this picture she would love the image of her reading her magazine in a rocking chair with no socks on. Then daddy would have to buy her one... in white or brown, or grey maybe :)



Have a rocking weekend everyone!!



The Cottage Cheese said...

Aw, did you post these just for me Biba? One thing I had not thought of before - now that the Eames shell chairs are plastic, they are probably more kid friendly than the vintage fiberglass chairs. Well, one day we will all have our Eames rockers ...yes, one day. Have a great weekend!

Shelly Cobber said...

Cool idea and perfect stuff to make it possible! I try to rock even in a fixed chair habitually so I'm very interested to get one of it as soon as possible. Thanks for essential info of collecting the rocking chair.