procrastinating queen

To all the procrastinaters out there, including me.
Happy weekend! Do something you've been putting off, you WILL feel proud and happier :)


Sasha said...

jaja..the quote is Fabulous and the title just made me laugh...!! I am always always procasinaiting about something..I just try to divert the attention form it..!!!

drollgirl said...

GUILTY!!! i am a yuge procrastinator!!!

hope you have a fab weekend!

knack said...

super cool!

Tikimama said...

This is soooo me! I've been a queen procrastinator my whole adult life. Love the quote - it's one I will try to make my new mantra!

NODtoMOD said...

i need to put this as my screen saver! i am such a procrastinator...feels so much better one all is done!:) xoxo