light fantastic

Last year i bought this vintage tripod light on eBay, dirt cheap for less than £10 including postage. I couldn't afford the style i wanted, all way over £100, so i transformed it myself! Very very happy with the outcome....

BEFORE......................... AFTER

I just sprayed the legs with dark brown spray paint and changed the lampshade, took me ages to find the right size drum shade, in the right colour and within tiny budget but i finally bought one yesterday from TK Max for only £9.99! Yay and it's perfect :) So i can sell the original shade on eBay, hopefully make a few pennies...!

Looks just like this £356 tripod light from Ligne Roset but i think mines much nicer!! :D


Anonymous said...

Yah...well done you. Glad you finally found one.


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic and, I agree, better than the Ligne Roset one! Well done you!! HExx

Jesse said...

Love the lamp!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Brilliant! It looks so lovely. I can't believe the cool things you are finding on Ebay...I'm off now to do some browsing of my own.