kitchen progress

First stage photos! There is still a lot of finishing off for me to do but i'm happy with the work so far AND it only cost me £35 for removal of all cupboard doors/drawers and to fix 7 doors/handles, £5 per door basically. When it's all finished i'll add up the total cost of everything but am guessing it will come in easily under £100. Not bad going :)
Reminder of kitchen before here
The remainder of the work i can all by do myself...
8 Finish with white edging at side of cupboards, above cupboards (bottom pic) and kickboards
8 Unsure whether to spray paint the stool legs dark brown?? They are a bit too naff chromey looking for me, not entirely sure why i bought something so naff in the first place. Would love some vintage stools but can't afford luxurys like that at the mo!
8 Would also kill for a dark wooden floor instead of the oak, wonder if i could stain it....

Close up - above cupboard doors all need white edging (ordered off ebay for £5 per 450x2m)




griffo68 said...

Looking gret so far!!!
I see you eventually decided where to place your handles...very good choice! ;)

drollgirl said...

it looks absolutely fantastic! you must be giddy with excitement!!!

Melafrique said...

wow - its coming out beautifully.

amyoliver said...

FAB I can't believe the difference!! Well done.

Patchwork Harmony said...

hey, your kitchen looks sweet! very classy colour scheme.
Did u say you got the door handles from Ikea?
Its a great way to update cupboards, but I wasn't sure myself where to go to get a good selection... ?
(thats if and when we get our own little pad!)

Jesse said...

Looking good!

Jennifer Ramos said...

VERY nice so far! : )

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Biba said...

Caroline, yes the handles were from ikea, very cheap too. They have a pretty good selection, have a look at the 'snacka' ones which are like the ones on your kitchen post :)



Anonymous said...

Looking great so far! Can't wait to see the finished makeover. I love the idea of a darker floor, but then maybe not brown for the stool legs too? HExx

The Cottage Cheese said...

Biba, you doors look smashing! I cannot believe how inexpensive that was. You could definitely stain the floors dark, which would look amazing. The sanding will create a dusty mess and disrupt your life for a week or so while you wait for each coat of stain and polyurethane to dry, but it's totally worth it in my opinion. Also, I think the chrome on the stools would look nice against a dark floor. If you paint them black, they will kind of fade into the background. And I must say, I love your range (stove)!

Anonymous said...