clever storage

These old wooden boxes look stylish and unique but without trying too hard.
Love them placed next to the super sleek stool.

Such a great use for old drawers! That's all they are, painted, backed with wallpaper and placed sideways. Not my preferred colour but love the idea and the wallpaper backing.

Love this storage solution. Really wish i'd thought of doing this years ago BEFORE i had my stairs carpeted (big regret). You can't even tell there are hidden drawers there when closed. Definitely an essential project for my next house.... one day, far far away.....


drollgirl said...

these really are fantastic ideas. i have GOT to put some of your ideas/finds to use already!!!!

MoonDoggie said...

WOW! Why have I never seen stair drawers before??

Biba said...

Moondoggie! I can't get back to view your blog again, can you edit your profile and select share profile :)

MoonDoggie said...

There, I think I've sorted it - I didn't realise I'd 'unshared' it. Let me know if it still doesn't work.

The Cottage Cheese said...

The drawers in the stairs are brilliant. I've never seen this before, and yet it seems so obvious!

knack said...

these are wonderful! great post!

Thanks so much for being my blog friend! xo