shake it like a polaroid picture

Why would anyone want to discontinue the polaroid camera! For as long as i can remember i've wanted one, even when i was young (of course i still class myself as young really, i don't feel any different to when i was 15...). To start with i think it was the novelty of an immediate photo but now i love the retro feel and even love the white surround! Strange? Moi? ;)

Found this poladroid (yes droid) website via the fabulous whats blogging my view where you can convert your own digital photos into polaroid style! I love it! I've not attempted it yet but looks very easy... download the free application here, drag, drop, shake shake shake and you can pull a version of your photo anytime during development. I love the idea of a not-quite-ready, faded polaroid photo - can't wait to have a play :)
Thanks Janne!

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