retro treats

I am so in love with these fun retro style cookies. Never before have i been so inspired to bake (never baked in my LIFE). Not really a big foodie, of course i love the eating but not so hot with the cooking.
But i think i can confidently say, being the perfectionist that i am, i would successfully be able to make cookies as pretty and cool as these ones above! Watch this space.... (make take a few months though....!)
Cookies and photos by whipped bakeshop via flickr, lots more here. Whipped Bakeshop are based in Philadelphia and also do yummy looking cookies, cupcakes and big cakes. And AND they have just launched an Etsy shop! For the Americans they even do Obama cookies....

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miss lili said...

Wow, these are fab! I love the little birdies - so sweet. :)