pic stop

I'm loving this picture, stunning in so many ways....
- i want those sofas
- i want those legs
- i want those shoes
- hell i even want that strange fluffy carpet

via flickr


roj said...

nice description.. :) hahaha.. you have very good sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sofas. I would also love legs like those, and the bottom....

Lisa said...

I'm glad you like my latest modelling assignment! ;) xx

Janne said...

What? You mean that's not you?

Elizabeth said...

Just spotted this online, it's got your name all over it!


(sorry, completely unrelated to this blog post, but I couldn't see an email address to email you at).

Biba said...

Oooh thanks Elizabeth, i love it and yes very me!! Pouch is new to me... need to investigate :)