Guest Blog: HouseEnvy does House Envy

Wow, I feel honoured to have been asked to fill in for Biba while she's away. Mmmm, her blog in my hands! Mmwwwaaahaahaa!! I hope I don't scare you all away!

I think I should kick off by saying that my style is a bit different to Biba's; I love pieces from a whole range of eras and styles, love houses that display an eclectic mix and although I can't seem to avoid picking up antiques on a fairly regular basis I always hope I can incorporate them in a fresh and modern way.

We've realised we do have more in common than you might suspect though - we're both trying to incorporate often dark pieces of furniture while keeping things light and bright, and I've slowly come round to Biba's way of thinking that pretty much everything looks fabulous against a white backdrop. Add to that the belief that eBay holds the solution to all life's problems...

And so, two pics from one of my favourite designers, Rose Uniacke, who I think strikes the right balance of light and dark, old and new pretty much every time.

via Desire to Inspire (although I think I first saw these in House & Garden magazine...?)

My house was a wreck when we bought it two and a half years ago, and we are still slowly plodding away, so when I get a moment, I thought you might like to see my latest house purchases and what's on the shopping list for the weeks ahead... but that's for next time!

Thanks for bearing with me - together we can get through this!


griffo68 said...

Welcome HE !!!

Congrats on your first blog post, you can never have enough white I say!
Looking forward to more gorgeous and inspiring pics!

Mr G.x

Lisa said...

Well done HE!!! I was too scared to guest blog (and also occupied elsewhere!) but knew you would get it right. :)

Peta said...

Yeah HE!!
You did it!
And you did it good!
Biba will be proud of you!

Peta xx

Wiz said...

Lovely addition to the blog, HE,a safe pair of hands, I'd say ;)

kladoink said...

Yay HE!

Anonymous said...

Loving your work HE!!! Can't wait for your next post!!

becca said...

WELL DONE H.E, when biba comes back you are going to have to start your own blog...it sounds addictive. LOVE the bedroom! can you post the link under your L.E posts x