eames day

I swear i'm not looking for them, they just seem to be jumping out at me today... no rockers though...

(are these blues ones even actual eames? i confess i'm not in any way an expert, just an admirer) pics via flickr


Annabelle said...

I love Eames stuff. The best place to get those chairs are on officedesigns.com. I got a lounge chair and ottoman. Fantastic service/price :)

The Cottage Cheese said...

Great pic of the armshell chairs! My fiance and I have a houseful of Eames (WWII leg splint hanging on the wall quite like a sculpture, newish dining table and DCM chairs, vintage fiberglass armshell and shell chairs, newish LCW chair, set of 5 vintage black vinyl & chrome airport chairs). We were lucky enough to find a great deal on all pieces except for a couple that we received as gifts! I'm super-jealous of Annabelle's lounge chair though. Imagine laying in a cloud. Oh yeah, it's that good.