cake bake

Thought it was about time i showed off my (lack of) cooking skills. It was Sophie's 4th birthday yesterday so i made a cake for her.....



1 tesco chocolate sponge cake 78p

1 bag of 'snowies'

3 bags of chocolate buttons (from cupboard)


+ Unwrap sponge cake

+ Slowly melt chocolate buttons in saucepan

+ Pick burnt bits of chocolate out

+ Spread melted chocolate over top of sponge cake

+ Decorate chocolate 'icing' with snowies in a pretty pattern

+ Add candles and light with boyfriends dodgy lighter

+ Turn lights off and sing happy birthday!!


Cheats birthday cake but Sophie was happy, her little face lit up when she saw it (probably from the candles lol). She had a wonderful birthday playing with her new rock guitar (how much will we regret buying that!!!) Boy was she a little tinker when it came to bedtime....



Retro Age Vintage Fabrics said...

I think that is just the most sweetest birthday cake for any little girl in the world - I love it! Seriously - I can just imagine the eyes lighting up at first sight :)

Lisa said...

Well done miss b! It looks so gorgeous and absolutely perfect for Sophie. x