bird watching

I have an overwelming bird obsession (with the exception of real ones...)
Owls do not count, it needs to be proper bird shaped! I have a good friend who is obsessed with owls and we're talking like a 100 owls or more in her house.... maybe one day she'll let me take pics :)
Some birds i'm loving....

I neeeeeeed these birdies above hence NO LINK as i'm NOT sharing!!!!
Sorry lol ;)

I want these too!
from etsy shop PrinceDesignUK

from etsy shop magical straps

from bodie & fou

from ebay shop i love retro

from etsy shop BeanPickleSprout


Anonymous said...

Remind me to talk to you about that bird clock! I have one, have never put it up, you might be able to have it, but I don't think they look as good in the flesh tbh... HEx

Patchwork Harmony said...

hey! you might like these 'Little Birds' then:


i got the friendship ones for my best friend for her birthday recently... apparantly in France they are popular with young girls, where they keep one and give the other away – similar to friendship bracelets. how CUTE!

plus check out their Treasuring section for some cute bird jewellery!


Lisa said...

How cute! I love the little etsy dishes... xx