my bedroom bubble

Today i can't seem to stop posting. I've just finished the horrifically boring job of tidying my bedroom. I'm getting a bit brave now and thought i'd share pics of my unfinished boudoir. It needs a damn good re-paint!!! It's all a bit accidental in this room, i've never really obsessed over it properly and thought about it 24/7 like all the other rooms. So this really is an eclectic mix of, well, anything really! Needs some TLC i'm thinking. And a picture too somewhere maybe...
Very old double bed - Freemans catalogue, stained dark brown by moi
White malm chest of drawers - Ikea
Retro bedspread (actually a very soft curtain) - eBay
Brown glass bohle vase - Habitat
MoMA wooden bowl - MoMA New York
Metamec starburst wall clock - eBay


Patchwork Harmony said...

ooh! I want a clock exactly like that for our front room!! was yours expensive? do you know if there is a particularly good make I should look out for on ebay?

PS. have you seen my book giveaway? only a few days left to enter!!

Its a fab book!!

Love, Caroline x

Biba said...

Hi Caroline :) I just went for the clocks i liked but did seem to be drawn to the metamec ones, which is the make of mine, think it cost about £20-30. Had a look for some on eBay for you....

(same as mine) BIN £49



Good luck! Hope those links work if not let me know. Thanks for your book link, i do know the answer so will email today :) x