getting crafty

I have developed such an obsession with vintage mugs/cups that i have started painting my own! Wouldn't it be lovely to have a collection like Janne from whats blogging my view (pic above), i never seem to find ones like these. Which is why i am creating my own - full of colour and pattern so i can have them on display to contrast beautifully in my white minimal kitchen, AND maybe i'll start selling some if (VERY BIG IF) i'm good enough :)
The pictures below are very inspirational for me. I also have a few designs i've scribbled down and one of my first creations will be an vintage style owl mug for my owl mad friend!

above pic via retro home

above pics via whats blogging my view


Anonymous said...

Biba - your own creation sounds like a fab idea. By the way our local John Lewis now stock Orla Kiely mugs.


Biba said...

Thanks Mel. I do love Orla Kiely mugs! Good old John Lewis, perfect addition to my christmas list from the family ;)

griffo68 said...

Go for it Miss B !!!
You have a great eye and I'm looking forward to seeing them!


Janne said...

Thanks for the mention! The cup obsession is contagious...

C. Dianne Zweig said...

Love these hip retro mugs......so colorful,,,great pics...thanks for posting this...dianne