decisions decisions

Opinions please please please!
I am begging ;)
To the right is a photo of my much loved danish style G-Plan chairs (i have 4 round my Ikea docksta table) i am STILL on the hunt for the 'right' retro fabric to cover them. I just cannot find The One.
I am soooooooooo tired of not having the wretched chairs nicely covered and i want to invite friends round for dinner!
Below are my current favourite fabric options....
Both availiable from cicada studio on Etsy


Elizabeth said...

I love the birdy fabric!
It depends on the colour of the room though. If there is any blue in there the leaf fabric might be better. (Otherwise birdies win hands down for me).

The chair is a lovely shape. I reupholstered a set of G Plan chairs a little while ago also, (in orange stripes) and I love using them. Looking forward to seeing your finished! good luck deciding!

griffo68 said...

Hello Miss B!

The leaf one!!!
I love your chairs, they're gorgeous!

Mr G.x

Cicada Studio said...

Hello! I just got a google alert with my name on it and I was completely confused because I thought I was looking at my own post- check it out!


Even tho I think I will use the birds for my kitchen (food, kids= white not good) the tree print keeps calling me! So, even still, we are on the same page.

Good luck with your own project. The chairs are super cool, aren't they?

katy said...

Have you been on Superbuzzy.com? If not - amazing fabric site and postage isn't too much even from the US.
Good Luck.

anna@momod.com said...

I like the leaves myself, but whatever goes best with your color scheme. Love the chairs!

Biba said...

Thank you guys for your opinions! The colour scheme is off-white and brown so either would go nicely.... still torn!

Katy, wow thanks for that fab link - i had not discovered that site yet, lots more fabrics to confuse me now ;)

Cicada - how funny! You have such good taste and i'll be checking on your blog too.

Hmmm leaves or birdies....!!?