little girl's room

And no not the toilet!! Lee's little girl - Sophie, aged 3 and a half :)
I've already 'designed' Sophie's bedroom once before avoiding excess girlie pink, but ever since she cried herself to sleep because she didn't have a pink wall i've felt awful!! (as you would...!). Although i'm still not going to paint a wall pink (i'm evil i know... but the white walls are staying!) i have decided to girlie it up a lot more - pink flowery duvet, pink 'bunting' across the window, fairy lights above the bed, mixed flowery cushions, maybe a pink rug....
Below are a few simple but pretty rooms with inspiration in each.....
Pics from flickr & livingetc


Peta said...

Didn't think I'd ever see pink on your blog! I don't like pink, but those rooms are really pretty! I'm sure, with lovely white walls and a few tastefully chosen pink things, you'll come up with something that both you and Sophie will love!
Have you started making the bunting yet?

Biba said...

Exactly, not a big fan of pink either as you know! But i've given in gracefully - will start making the bunting this weekend, already got some pretty fabric offcuts that will do the job nicely xx