hallway hassles

My brains have been working overtime to try and resolve my tiny hall storage issue....

Problem: Hall size is approx 1m x 2m (if that!) with THREE doors leading off it. Currently i have a dark brown Ikea Lack storage unit stood upright in the corner backed with 60's wallpaper displaying pretty things - all very nice but now i need hidden real storage.

Obsession: I have become obsessed with 2 tone retro units with tiny round handles like these below, but need to find one small enough for my hallway. No luck on eBay so will have to customise my own, needs to be taller than it is wide - HELP!!

Solution #1: Thinking about using the single brown/black Expedit from Ikea (below left) with the white door insert fitted sideways (below right) and maybe reduce the height. I have seen the dark brown with white insert in the store and it looked really good, but is the Expedit too big/deep??

Solution #2: Or instead of the Expedit, i could use the Bissa or Nyland shoe storage which are shallower and then paint/add handles??


heather said...

Have you tried looking for any of Paul McCobb's case pieces? There's usually a lot up on ebay. Sometimes they come in two tone but you could always paint out the frame or the doors to get that look. :)

Biba said...

Thanks - i've had a look on ebay and really like his style! Nothing suitable at the moment but will keep checking :)