back to life

Back to reality! Yes i am back from my week holidaying in Tunisia, hence my sudden disappearing act (too busy last minute to actually announce i was going....). Freshly relaxed, bronzed and trying to adjust to being back at work instead of lounging around eating and drinking all day and night, yes, ahem.... boy did i eat and drink!!!
Feeling inspired and strangely creative, all sorts of ideas have been going through my overactive mind but are secret.... for now ;) And very much looking forward to catching up on my fave blogs.
A few pretty pics below of Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia, just to remind me of where i'm not!


griffo68 said...

Welcome back Miss Biba!!
Sounds like you had a fantabulous time away,lovely pics.


Peta said...

Glad you had a lovely time!!!
The pics are great!
So, what new ideas have you got running around in you mind??? Do tell! ;)

kladoink said...

yay, we've missed you! It looks lovely there, can you take us next time please?


Biba said...

Thanks guys! We did have a fab time, i've got lots of catching up to do now :) x x