bad lighting

Here i have a slight problem. I had my heart set on the Ikea Klover light above for my kitchen, HOWEVER Ikea have only gone and discontinued it in the larger size and the smaller size is just too small. So what to do?
I have the 'logic' light below which would totally be a feasible option, but my version of it is shown in the bottom picture!! Considering i thought i was pretty intelligent and do have an IQ higher than George Bush (yep - supposedly i do...) i have been trying since Easter to put this light together and can i? can i?? err no.

BIG BUT - it can't be just me as there are endless videos on YouTube that show how to assemble the wretched thing. Although.... even following one of those i still lose the will to live.


Tururu said...

in my blog i had write a post about it, whith another links that explain how to do the lamp: http://x4durosdesing.blogspot.com/2008/09/cmo-montar-la-lmpara-iq-light.html

Sorry, my english is bad, i hope you understand my words.

regards from x4duros


Biba said...

Thank you. Wish me luck! :)

Tururu said...

good luck!! :D