light fantastica

So i've found a couple of light options but I NEED HELP AND OPINIONS PLEASE!!

Homebase 000000000000000000 eBay

Like i don't have enough going round in my head! I'm also obsessively trying to decide on which pendant light to have for above the dining table (white docksta table and my sexy g-plan chairs)....0


BUT the sunroom/dining room is currently full of Lee's moving boxes (still) so i've made a deal with him - i tidy the bedroom so it's minimal and spotless (completely impossible but i agreed anyway) and he clears out his boxes from there!! Then all that needs doing in that room is....

- rip out door/window and make good
- pendant light
- cover g-plan chairs
- have dinner party!

Whatever i choose needs to tone in with the Ikea Knappa light in the soon to be adjoining lounge. I still LOVE my knappa light :)

Pretty damn nice too - the original style Norm....

More inspiration....


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the homebase one - different but still ties in! It will look lovely! HEx

Peta said...

I agree with HE!

Look forward to seeing some pics of your finished (or even nearly finished) house!!


griffo68 said...

...and I do !!