kitchen smitchen

Oh look another kitchen! Nice kitchen although its the gorgeous brown chair in the foreground that pulled me in. I just love brown an abnormal amount.
Kitchen plans have a slight dampener on them, found out a good friend is having a new white kitchen complete with new wooden worktops put in.... not fair! Suddenly makes all my plans feel very pathetic, so i'm feeling sorry for myself. I so want a square edge wenge worktop with my white cupboards but was going to make do with my current one (dark granite, 'round' edges yuk) now i'm thinking sod it....

After a quick look on ebay i found some wenge worktops very cheap - within budget! Daren't get my hopes up, this is my ONLY chance for nice worktops. Oh if i were rich i'd be happy...

pic via obsessilicous (from coolboom)

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