focus bathroom

Just like every other room in my home, i'm currently finishing off my bathroom on a budget. No fancy designer bath suites for me, i've just got to work with the basic white suite i have. Sticking to my passion of white and dark brown i've found these random inspiring bathroom pics, although i have pretty much decided how my bathroom's going to look.
After buying a dark brown venetian blind i had a brief dilemma of whether i should have gone for white (white to match walls or dark brown to contrast with walls and match floor). Turns out i am a moron and my gut is now screaming at me white!!! The dark brown in a such a small space looks heavy and too matchy matchy with the floor - so it's going all the way back to Ikea.
- The plan now is to spray paint my previous (beech) venetian blind white. Not the easiest job i'm thinking.....
The final look will hopefully be minimal but i'm currently looking for a splash of pattern to contrast.... usually i'd use a cushion but maybe a tad weird in the bathroom! Vintage patterned towels would be ideal but no luck so far within my budget.

Bottom pics are obsessilicious blogger griffo's very own minimal bathroom


griffo68 said...

Thankyou for including my minimal bathroom lovely lady !!!!!
Have you thought of using some marine ply in your bathroom??
Maybe just on one wall, it's an inexpensive way of introducing a "feature wall".


biba said...

You're welcome mr lovely bathroom man!! I love the idea, have actually got walnut flooring down which i've continued half way up the wall round the boxing... ought to post some pics really but wanted to post finished pics! x

Wiz said...

Griffo, you get everywhere in blog land!!! Love your bathroom!!!!!!

Peta said...

Loving these bathrooms!
Can't wait to see some pics of yours.

Yes Griffo, you do get around! ;)