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Another weekend gone and i'm still trying to work out storage issues! I have no floor space left without cluttering my precious space - i like to see lots of floor and hate feeling cramped. So am obsessing over wall storage, but strangely i don't seem to have enough wall space either...!!
Not so sure about an inspiration blog, i'm feeling more like an inspiration block.... Too many storage thoughts and not enough eye candy, so i will be making up for it this week to try and get my inspiration juices flowing ;)
Super sleek....

Retro revival....

(Storage note: loving the ladderax shelves!)

Also loving the lovely browness of the brown sofa and i'm sure i've previously admired that cushion from an old Bo Concept range?

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Peta said...

I love that brown sofa, reminds me of chocolate! ;)

Good luck in finding a storage solution!