miserable monday

It is finally THE week. The very last week of the never ending move. Things are feeling very stressed and the days really are disappearing, how was my last blog entry last wed?? We still have plenty to do and Lee is agonizing over giving Jay (his dog) away. He went to a new lady owner on Saturday so he would have more freedom and generally be happier but Lee is very heavy hearted with the guilt of giving his beloved Jay away. I feel awful.
Struggling to post inspiration feeling like this so just a handful of pictures.... (involving cushions...)

Via Design Sponge


Peta said...

You're making me want cushions!! I love the green ones!

Hope doggie and Lee will be okay!


miss lili said...

I love the green ones on the bed too - exactly how I want my bedroom to look, with my pink and green cushion of course!