grooming gorgeous

Back to work today after a lovely long bank holiday weekend. I didn't find much time for blogging as i was busy painting fences & sheds at No 22, weeding my garden and.... um..... being sick from too much alcohol ;) The gorgeous weather brought all the garden fever out in me, i want to get the garden feeling like an 'outside room'. I'm imagining barbeques and lounging round in the sun with pimms..... mmmm
After my major garden obsession last year, i've already managed to get my patio laid and have pretty much decided on colour scheme.... pale stone/cream and dark brown (surprise surprise). Just need to decide on some more structural plants, and quite fancy some white peonies! I'm keeping my lawn but am loving these gardens from Charlotte Rowe Garden Design

And at night time.... the lighting makes it....


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!
I'm envious, I want a garden too!!!
How big is yours?
P xx

biba said...

Only got a small garden but it's big enough for me, will post pics one day..... ;)