fabric makes me happy

Since receiving my g-plan chairs i have been continuously looking for (cheap) retro fabric to re-cover them, not had much luck with eBay but have found some cool designs on etsy. Loved the fabric so much anyway, even if it's not suitable for my chairs it will become cushions instead!

This is my main contender for the chairs going round my table from Kalena's Studio (only £4.10 for 18" x 22"!)

This i just loved too much not to buy from Thift Craft (only £5.29 for 55" x 60"!) Bedroom chair? Cushions? Both?

This i'm not sure about, really like it but not completely sure if i should purchase.... from electricbeaderella



Wiz said...

Hey Gail, I saw these and thought of your chairs. See what you think:




Loving your chairs, BTW!

Beatrice said...

Love the top one: another Etsy money pit, oh dear!!!

Can't wait to see the final result :)

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the Kalena etsy shop, think I'll be buying some fabric too! Please let me know what it's like in the "flesh" when it arrives.


P xx