Number 22 update

After not hearing anything after last Friday's viewing, Lee chased up the Letting Agents yesterday and apparently the lady has been off sick for 3 days hence us not hearing anything! So we've been advised to wait patiently until we hear from her. The feedback from the viewing was very good except the kitchen (the only room we haven't touched) smelt a bit of dog!! Oops. Lee is reluctantly finding Jay a better new home but he had been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately.

This weekend is moving weekend. House clearance (including loft and shed... ewww can't wait...) and all of Lee's things at mine!

I need to find homes for things fast!!

Also need to re-vamp my guest bedroom into a part time Sophie bedroom! I've been thinking for a while and had lots of fab suggestions from the guys on the Livingetc forums. My main priority: making it feel like her bedroom but not too kiddiefied. I don't really do pinky Barbie styley (and she has a Barbie duvet cover...!). I'd love to keep it modern retro theme as long as she loves it. There is lots of funky kids rooms on flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/kids_rooms/pool/

I love this room but doesn't look much like a typical in your face kiddies room - maybe that's why! ;)

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