Making sense

After just having my retro fabric cushion obsession refreshed, i went off to look on eBay and these were the first things i found - right on my doorstep too in Peterborough! In the Sense charity shop of all places, they have an Sense eBay store. Ironic that i'd have to look on eBay to find these. Do i buy?? I don't really need whole curtains.
p.s. just decided the yellowy one's too bright
p.p.s. just deciced i don't even like the yellowy one anymore...


uk03878 said...

I am just about to dump a load of stuff for Sense Peterbough tomorrow. You can be assured it is nothing like that¬

biba said...

LOL uk!! Not that i'm obsessed or anything but keep your eyes peeled for me when you're there... ;)