fancy dress de-stress

Having bought the gorgeous green katrina kaye cushion i am now stressing if it's the best choice! I need to switch off from cushions for a while. I have other, much more important, things to stress about like the ongoing BF/house situation!
Instead i will focus on the 70's fancy dress charity party that i'm going to on 3rd may - oh yes my camera will definitely be coming with me! What to wear... what to wear....?? I have a few flares already but not sure what to put on my top half.. and do i go with an afro? (would rather not!) or a beehive would be cool (is that too 60s though...?)


Anonymous said...

No afro, charlie's angels Farrah Fawcett hair do would go nicely with flares.

biba said...

Thank u! Good thinking - i can definitely do that with style :)