Dining desires

As soon as the weather stays warm for more than 5 minutes i'll be out in the sun room/dining room. It's virtually all finished (except for rug...) but just needs 'putting together' and finishing touches! At the moment it's too damn cold out there as there is no heating yet. In the meantime i've been inspired by some stunning dining areas similar to mine, in theory.



Wiz said...
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Wiz said...

The wire wall sculpture, as seen in the third pic down, can be bought on ebay if you're interested! (or was it just the tables and chairs you loved? :))

Love the inspiration, and the blog x

biba said...

Hi Wiz, it was actually the round table, chairs and light combo's - but thank you x

griffo68 said...

Hey Miss Biba !
Love your dining room pics.
Very inspirational and the B&B Italia green sofa is to die for...

Mr Griffo.x