Weekend waffling

I have been up since half 6 this morning because we had Sophie, it's now only half 8 and i need to go back to bed already! I've a busy day in front of me (after the sleeping part...) my house needs some serious TLC as i've had to abandon it in favour of No 22. At some point i must walk down to our local Antique Centre and check out any new stock before someone else gets their grubby little hands on it ;)

We had the first viewing of No 22 yesterday, i say we, we weren't actually present as the letting agent took care of it all - it only lasted 10 measley minutes!? Is that bad...?? Seems rather brief to me and unfortunately we don't get to hear straight away, in our favour there is a shortage of 2 bedroom houses to rent in our area so fingers crossed.
A quick eBay find before i go back to my nice warm bed....

I am deliberating as to whether to purchase this or not - i love it - but my living room is primarily white with dark browns and this would obviously change the whole tone of the room. I need the extra storage that this would provide AND it's even though on eBay it's only 10 minutes down the road. This may be my best chance (or only chance!) - dilemma dilemma!!!


Anonymous said...

That's identical to the one I have and I love love love it!


biba said...

The same one is also featured in this months Elle Decoration! The one i'm watching has gone up by £50 :(