I've realised that the more i look at something i intially like, the more i either A - start to hate it, or B - start to love and obsess about it. Having started this blog and looking at the same things on here every day it's helping me decide which is which. For example i am rapidly going off that Amy Butler fabric and loving the Florence Broadhurst much more. Also going off my newly sprayed Ikea table.... oops :)

Maybe a slightly pointless realisation actually.....?? But this blog is intended to be about things I LOVE!

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Miss Lili said...

Morning Miss B. I think you have a very good point. Once you put things in print, you are realising your ideas, likes and dislikes. It is like keeping a diary, re-reading it later and things you didn't realise before just jump out at you.

Anyway, it is a woman's perogative to change her mind!

Oh and I love love love the Florence Broadhurst prints - they are absolute classics and so beautiful, I don't think you could ever tire of them!