Back to Work :(

After a 'lovely' long weekend painting, not sure which is worse..... painting or adjusting to working again! A few tit bits from the weekend...

1. All that lovely white snow had completely disappeared by the afternoon

2. My oh-so-fab logic lamp is IMPOSSIBLE to assemble so i'm giving it to my Dad to do - he likes a challenge and a challenge he will get ;)

3. I am officially a clumsy clutz! I covered my precious sofa in dark brown paint dust, broke a glass (Ikea though so not all that surprising...), spilt RED WINE down my friends top (she is still my friend though thanks to Vanish...), and spilt my tea all over my desk this morning

4. The chair hunt is not going well, this was one of my options on eBay - £255!!!!

5. Painting at No 22 is nearly finished, only the very beige kitchen left to do - yay :)

6. I found a potential VW campervan on eBay for us, needs a paint job as blue doesn't do it for me. I've seen a few others too, it's weighing on my mind again as spring is approaching - i NEED one now!

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